Office: 513B SALK

Phone: 412-648-9909


Galina Kirillova is Research Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. She received a MS in Human Physiology and earned a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from the Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR.

In the Soviet Union, she conducted research in bioenergetics and in the biochemical mechanisms of free oxidation and adaptation to cold. In February 1993, she immigrated in the USA as a refugee and joined the University of Pittsburgh. She worked at the Center for Clinical Pharmacology until 1995, when she joined the Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research (CEDAR), a longitudinal family/high-risk study of substance abuse. Together with other colleagues from CEDAR, in January 2000 she moved from the School of Medicine to the School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is currently the director of CEDAR’s biochemistry lab.

Dr. Kirillova’s research program has been related to the mechanisms of organismic reaction to external stressors, including xenobiotics. More recently, her research has been focused at the biological markers of substance abuse risk, particularly indicators of the dopamine system function. She is currently working on the development of the project linking peripheral dopamine receptor properties and gene expression. She is also responsible for the biochemical/neuroendocrinological component of the CEDAR studies.