Covid-19: Pitt Pharmacy is Leading the Way

Excerpts from our Dean-

"At PittPharmacy, we have found new ways to work, to teach, to learn, and to conduct research."

"Pharmacists needed to keep working in front-line roles as part of the essential personnel. Our priority has been to meet the needs of patients and the pharmacy community while optimizing the safety of our students. That combination was a call to action for innovation and creativity."

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Location, Location, Location: Pharmacists are There in Full Force to Fight Covid-19


  • Pharmacists in communities are keeping their pharmacy doors open to take care of their communities and ensure access to medications for patients. 
  • Pharmacists in hospitals continue to workareto provide care to ill patients.
  • Pharmacists and Researchers are studying treatment options and striving to develop vaccines for the virus.
  • Student Pharmacists continue to learn through innovative, remote education designed by our faculty and staff.

The nation and the world are depending on our profession for direction and answers. PittPharmacy faculty, staff, students and alumni are stepping forward and using the leadership qualities, expertise, and professionalism, in ways that are making a difference. These efforts are not really above and beyond, rather these are the skills, expertise and leadership, PittPharmacy members always demonstrate, even if they are being seen in new ways.

Covid-19 Research Summaries

The goal of this website is to curate,  simplify, and update the most current and impactful information relating to treatment guidelines, as well as ongoing clinical trials of vaccines and pharmaceuticals.



National and Regional Resources

Professional pharmacy and other medical associations are uniting in ways they never have before to provide guidance to pharmacists, patients, and policymakers related to the pandemic.