The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy is committed to excellence in pharmacy education, research, and service. We strive to provide an environment that fosters learning, achievement, and mutual respect among faculty, staff, and students, and one that encourages interdisciplinary interaction.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide quality education that establishes a foundation of knowledge, professional competency, and integrity, and that promotes conscientious problem solving, life-long learning, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.

  • Promote and support excellence in research that focuses on discovery and the pre-clinical and clinical development of pharmaceuticals, as well as the therapeutic management and prevention of human disease.

  • Offer an excellent graduate program in pharmaceutical sciences that responds to the needs of Pennsylvania and the nation.

  • Contribute to the mission of the School of Pharmacy including the provision of optimal patient care as well as to the public and professional missions of the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Serve society through the contributions and the diverse talents and expertise of the faculty and staff.


Wen Xie, PhD

Department Office: 711 Salk Hall

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Herbert Barry, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Jan H. Beumer, PharmD, PhD, DABT
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-623-3216
Office: G27E, Hillman Cancer Center
Email: jhb11@pitt.edu
Yan Chen, MS
Visiting faculty scholar
Office: SALK-523
Email: yac56@pitt.edu
Sharon E. Corey, PhD
Assistant Dean of Students, Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-648-9157
Office: 904 Salk Hall
Email: coreys@pitt.edu
Dingqei Diao, MS
Visitng Faculty Scholar
Office: SALKP-323
Email: did36@pitt.edu
Balwant N. Dixit, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: bdixit@pitt.edu
David J. Edwards, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Robert Ertel
Professor Emeritus
Zhiwei Feng, PhD
Assistant Professor
Phone: (412) 624-8137
Office: 541 Salk Hall
Email: zhf11@pitt.edu
Christian Fernandez, PhD
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-383-8108
Office: 307 Salk Pav
Email: chf63@pitt.edu
Carl Gainor, JD, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-624-8137
Office: 904 Salk Hall
Email: cag4@pitt.edu
Robert B. Gibbs, PhD
Phone: 412-624-8185
Office: 1004 Salk Hall
Email: gibbsr@pitt.edu
Meir Glick, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Barry Gold, PhD
Phone: 412-383-9593
Office: 711 Salk Hall
Email: goldbi@pitt.edu
Donna Huryn, PhD
Research Professor
Phone: 412-737-3225
Office: 521 Salk Hall
Email: huryn@pitt.edu
Prema C. Iyer, PhD
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-624-3380
Email: pci2@pitt.edu
Paul A. Johnston, PhD
Research Associate Professor
Phone: 412-383-6605
Office: 548 Salk Hall
Email: paj18@pitt.edu
Randy P. Juhl, PhD
Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
Email: RJuhl@pitt.edu
John H. Kilwein, PhD
Associate Professor Emeritus
Galina P. Kirillova, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-648-9909
Office: 513B SALK
Email: galinag@pitt.edu
Levent Kirisci, PhD
Phone: 412-383-6089
Office: 3520 Forbes Avenue, Parkvale Annex 203,
Email: levent@pitt.edu
Joseph E. Knapp, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: jknapp@pitt.edu