Office: Salk Hall 1009

Phone: 412-352-2067


Program: PhD
Track: Biochemical Pharmacology
Advisor: Robert B. Gibbs, PhD

Junyi is currently a fifth year PhD candidate in the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy. Her major is Pharmaceutical Science and she is in the Biochemical Pharmacology track. She is working with Dr. Robert B Gibbs in the field of neuroendocrine. She got her Master degree in the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy in 2015 and her Bachelor degree of Pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University in 2012.

Our lab is interested in the effects of estrogen on the development of brain structure and regulation of brain functions. Estrogens have been shown to have important neuroprotective effects in the brain. Recent studies suggest that local estrogen production, synthesized from testosterone and catalyzed by aromatase, may have a far greater impact on neuronal survival and plasticity than estrogens of systemic origin. My research focused on in the regulation of aromatase in the brain under physiological or pathological conditions and its role in mediating behavior outcomes.

Poster in WVU's School of Pharmacy Regional AAPS Meeting. Title: Do Estradiol and G1 Affect Aomratase Expression in the brain?ter
Poster in Society for neuroscience annual meeting. Title : Cholinergic regulation of aromatase in brain