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Melissa A. Somma McGivney, PharmD, FCCP, FAPhA

Office: 303 Baum, 7A- 5, 5607 Baum Boulevard, 15206

Phone: 412-624-8142

Fax: 412-624-8175



Dr. McGivney is committed to advancing pharmacist-provided patient care in the community.
She serves as a founding member of the Pennsylvania Pharmacist Care Network (PPCN), a Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) of over 150 community pharmacies in Pennsylvania, where she leads the research and quality improvement initiatives. Dr. McGivney also directs the PittPharmacy Community Leadership and Innovation in Practice (CLIP) Center that serves as the home to faculty, residents, fellows, students, staff, partners and alumni who are focused on advancing pharmacy practice and the health of people in our communities. She initiated the University of Pittsburgh Community Residency, and has served as Director for 27 Community Pharmacy Residents and 4 fellows in partnership with community pharmacy partner organizations. She led the development and coordinates the NACDS Foundation Faculty Scholars Program which has engaged 31 community pharmacy faculty from 27 colleges of pharmacy nationally, and has been an invited speaker for over 60 presentations at state and national meetings. Dr. McGivney brings this passion to the classroom leading a second professional year experiential learning course partnering students with community pharmacies, and introduces patient care to our first-year students.

She has been honored as Fellow by both the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and the American Pharmacists Association. She has been recognized by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores as Community Faculty member of the year in 2011, the American Pharmacists Association Community Residency Preceptor of the year in 2012, the University of Pittsburgh Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2015, and the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Excellence in Innovation Award in 2018, among other awards. Dr. McGivney was selected as a University of Pittsburgh representative to the inaugural class of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Academic Leaders Network for 2018-19.

Dr. McGivney is Associate Dean for Community Partnerships and Professor of Pharmacy and Therapeutics. She received her PharmD degree from the University of Pittsburgh and completed an Ambulatory Care Residency at UPMC Presbyterian/University of Pittsburgh. She joined the PittPharmacy faculty in 2003 after serving on the faculty of Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy and UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency Program.

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2018 ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) Academic Leaders Network - University of Pittsburgh representative
2017 National Association of State Pharmacy Associations Excellence in Innovation Award for Pennsylvania
2015 University of Pittsburgh Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award
2015 APhA-APPM Presentation Merit Award for best poster at the American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting (team award)
2014 Fellow of the American Pharmacists Association (FAPhA)
2012 American Pharmacists Association Community Residency Preceptor Award
2012 American Pharmacists Association Wiederholt Prize (co-author) best paper in Social and Administrative Sciences in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association in 2012
2011 Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Pharmacist of the Year Award
2011 National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Community Faculty of the Year Award
2009 Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (FCCP)
2007 American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (APhA-APPM) Professional Merit Award
2007 University of Pittsburgh Bands - Alumnae of Distinction
2006 University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy Preceptor of the Year
2006 Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award - Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA)
2001 Outstanding Faculty Award of Merit - Wilkes University

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