Office: 210 Salk Pavilion


Program: PhD
Track: CPSP
Advisor: Thomas D. Nolin, PharmD, PhD

Alex Prokopienko is a pharmacist and currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Pharmaceutical Scientist Program under the mentorship of Dr. Thomas Nolin. He completed his Doctorate of Pharmacy from Albany College of Pharmacy. His current research projects focus on effects of gut microbiota-derived toxins in kidney disease. Alex is currently appointed as a TL1 Clinical and Translational Science Postdoctoral Fellow.

My research focus is centered on identifying and treating new therapeutic targets in patients with kidney disease. My training is centered around clinically relevant pharmaceutical research. I am progressing toward my goal of becoming an independent investigator who contributes high level clinical research.

Pai A, Patel H, Prokopienko AJ, Alsaffar Hiba, Gertzberg N, Neumann Paul, Punjabi A, Johnson
A. Lipoteichoic Acid from Staphylococcus aureus Induces Lung Endothelial Cell Barrier
Dysfunction: Role of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species. PLoS One. 2012;7(11):e49209.
PMCID: PMC3499573

Kubotera N, Prokopienko AJ, Garba A, Pai A. Endotoxin Binding by Sevelamer: Potential Impact
on Nutritional Status. Int J Nephrol. 2013;2013:954956. PMCID: PMC3562679

Jang SM, Cerulli J, Grabe DW, Fox C, Vassalotti JA, Prokopienko AJ, Pai AB. NSAID-Avoidance
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York, 2011. Prev Chronic Dis 2014;11:140298. PMCID: PMC4273546

Pai AB, Grabe DW, Eisele G, Haqqie S, Patel H, Prokopienko AJ, Nolin TD, Kubotera N. Changes
in Plasma Levels of Asymmetric Dimethylarginine in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Treated for 8
Weeks with the Vitamin D Receptor Agonist Paricalcitol. J Res Development 2015;3:129.

1TL1TR001858-01 (Kapoor), NIH/NCATS
Prokopienko, Alexander (Trainee)
TL1 Clinical and Translational Sciences
The Clinical and Translational Science Fellowship Program provides multi-disciplinary career
development training, including didactic instruction and mentored research experience, to investigators
preparing for careers in clinical and translational science. This training grant was awarded to support
my research in novel cardiovascular disease risk factors (i.e. TMAO) in patients with kidney disease.
Role: Post-Doctoral Scholar

RIFG2016-26, American College of Clinical Pharmacy Research Institute Futures Grant
Prokopienko, Alexander (PI)
Targeted Inhibition of FMO Mediated Formation of TMAO in Kidney Disease: A Pilot Study
The project will investigate the activity and modulation of hepatic flavin-containing monooxygenase
(FMO) formation of the cardiovascular risk factor trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) in patients with
kidney disease. The research ranges from translational basic science enzyme kinetics to clinical
research investigating novel therapeutic strategies to reduce TMAO concentrations in patients. Dr.
Nolin is the primary mentor.
Role: Principal Investigator

Prokopienko AJ, Schrum DP, Fitch A, Morris A, Leblond FA, Pichette V, Nolin TD. Effect of Experimental
Kidney Disease on the Formation of TMAO by Flavin-Containing Monooxygenases. Presented at Kidney Week
2016, the American Society of Nephrology Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, November 2016. Published. J Am Soc
Nephrol 2016;27:748A.