Program: PhD
Track: Medicinal Chemistry
Advisor: Xiang-Qun (Sean) Xie, PhD, EMBA

Yuemin Bian

Education Background

University of Pittsburgh August 2015 – Present
Program: Thesis Master in Pharmaceutical Science,
Dissertation research: Fragment-based approach for designing novel allosteric modulator on cannabinoid receptors
Core Courses: Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Foundations Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Statistic Methods, Medicinal Chemistry

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey January 2015 – May 2015
Program: Participating in Medicinal Chemistry as a Visiting Scholar
Project: The Synthesis and Evaluation of Potential inhibitors of cystine crystal growth for cystinuria
Awards: Scholarship from China Scholarship Council (From 1/2015 To 5/2015).

China Pharmaceutical University September 2011 – June 2015
Major: Medicinal Chemistry
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Awards: Awarded with Third-class Scholarship for thrice (11/2012, 11/2013 and 11/2014); Awarded with Excellent Student Cadre (12/2013); ž Awarded with Merit Student (11/2012); ž Awarded with Outstanding League Cadre (5/2012).

Research Experience

Research of allosteric modulator for cannabinoid receptors - Present
Summary: With computational methodologies, including molecular docking and virtual simulation, fragment-based drug design was used as an approach for novel allosteric modulators on CB2 receptors.

Research of potential inhibitors of crystal growth for cystinuria From 1/2015 To 5/2015
Summary: Modification strategies for CDME, a lead compound for cystinuria, were discussed. A series of derivatives with disulfide bioisosteric replacements were synthesized and their inhibiting activities for cystine crystal growth were assayed.

Research of metabolite of NPA20, a kind of Actinomycetes in Arctic From 5/2012 To 3/2014
Summary: Learned crucial methods for cell cultivate; grasped the separating methods for natural products; summarized a route for distinguishing different components from a complex mixture.

Research of Sulfinyl Acetamide Derivatives for Narcolepsy Treatment From 11/2011 To 12/2012
Summary: Fifteen novel modafinil derivatives were developed by a parallel synthesis approach; their central nervous system stimulant effects were evaluated. An article Synthesis and Biological Activities of Sulfinyl Acetamide Derivatives for Narcolepsy Treatment published on the Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, 2013, 10, 266-270