Program: MSThesis
Track: Pharmaceutics
Advisor: Raman Venkataramanan, PhD

Hi everyone, I am Vignesh Vasudevan and I joined the Masters Program in the School of Pharmacy back in the Fall of 2015. My background is with animals as I had studied Veterinary Science in India before returning to the States in 2009.

Although I went back to India to complete my studies, all of my other schooling was done here. The School of Pharmacy and in particular Pharmaceutical Sciences piqued my interest because of the many animal studies that are being conducted within the university. This past year alone, I have been in Dr. Venkat's lab, working with both rats and rabbits. I'm an avid EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fan and love pets of all shapes and sizes (except spiders and insects).

Hi I'm Vignesh and my interest pertains to animal research. This past year I have been working in the lab with both rats and rabbits experimenting with the drug 17-Hydroxyprogestrone Caproate. This is of particular interest to me because of its effects on pre-term delivery specifically the prevention of it. We have done preliminary studies is both rats and rabbits to determine the safety of this drug when given through the intra-vaginal route. As of right now the drug is only available a once a week intra-muscular injection in a oil based formulation. This particular study interests me because of the new route of administration and side effects or lack thereof associated with it.

I have also been working with my lab mates on a buprenorphine study in pregnant rats wherein the pharmacokinetic parameters have been studied. Buprenorphine has been experimented on as an effective treatment for those patients with opoid addiction especially pregnant females.