Program: PhD
Track: Pharmaceutics
Advisor: Song Li, MD, PhD

I received my bachelor’s in Pharmacy and mater’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and currently I am receiving the Ph.D. training in developing drug delivery system for anticancer drugs and/or genes. I have a profound and broad background in pharmaceutical sciences, ranging from bioconjugate chemistry to drug delivery system with specific training and expertise in key research areas for this application. In the first three years of my graduate study in University of Pittsburgh, I have developed several prodrug carriers with anticancer efficiency themselves to load and affect synergistically with hydrophobic anticancer drugs, including RAS inhibitor (FTS), glucosylceramide synthase inhibitor (PPMP) and HDAC inhibitor (SAHA) based prodrug micelles. Anticancer drugs loaded in those novel dual-functional carrier systems exhibited enhanced antitumor efficiency and decreased off-target toxicity compared to free anticancer drugs and/or their commercial formulations. In addition, I have experience in developing drug delivery systems with the ability to stimulate antitumor immune response, especially PD-1 inhibitor-based carrier systems. Currently, I am working on the investigation of cationic polymer-based vectors for the delivery of plasmid, siRNA or pre-microRNA, evaluating their safety and efficiency in vitro and in vivo. Moreover, I collaborated well with other researchers, and produced 1 book chapter and 9 peer-reviewed publications.