Dr. Junmei Wang is an Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and a member of the Computational Chemical Genomics Screening Center (www.CBLigand.org/CCGS), University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Wang received his PhD from Peking University in China, and he was trained as a postdoctoral associate with Dr. Peter Kollman at University of California San Francisco. Before joining University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Wang was an associate professor at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He has a rich background in pharmaceutical industry due to his working experience in Encysive Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Scientist.

Dr. Wang is also a long-term Developer of the Amber Software (www.ambermd.org). He and other collaborators developed a set of popular AMBER force fields, such as FF99, GAFF and polarizable FF based on Thole’s dipole-interaction models as well as the Antechamber module implemented in AMBER software packages.