Dr. Zhiwei Feng is an Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Scientific Administrator of Computational Chemical Genomics Screening (CCGS) Center (http://www.cbligand.org/CCGS/), School of Pharmacy. 

Dr. Feng obtained his PhD degree from Soochow University in China 2013. He then received postdoctoral training in Dr. Xiang-Qun Xie group at the School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh.  His research mainly focused on the field of Computer Aided Drug Discovery, computational tools/platforms development, system pharmacology analysis and clinical big data analysis.

He has been highly productive in research and publication during my career. He has published over 36 papers in scholarly journals with international circulation for the last 5 years, including 14 publications with first author, 14 publications with co-first author and one book chapter.

1 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-Accelerated Drug Design Platforms
2 Developing Drug/Chemical Probes for Special/Important Targets and Systems Pharmacology Analyses
3 Dynamics Mechanism of Protein and Nano-Bio-Material using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
4 GPU-Accelerated Chemical Genomics Computing Algorithms/Tools for Clinical Big Data Statistics Analysis
5 Machine Learning Algorithm for Big-Data/Clinical Data and Systems Pharmacology Analyses

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