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Program: MS (Thesis)
Track: Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology
Advisor: Junmei Wang, PhD

My name is Yuchen Sun. I got my bachelor's degree in school of pharmacy from Sun Yat-sen University. I chose pharmacy as my major because I have deep interest in biology and chemistry in high school. The idea of discovering new drugs and relief the pain of patients always inspire me to dig deeper in my field. After doing some work on orgainc synthesis methodolgy, I decided to make computer aided drug design as my research focus. Now I am a MS student in Dr. Junmei Wang's lab. My research mainly focus on computer aided drug design, I also do research about the PKPD modeling.

Molecule modeling of biological systems is a interdisciplinary area which developed very fast in the past decades. Based on the basic knowledge of physical chemistry and chemistry, quantum physics, scientists build models to mimic the complex interactions of biomolecules, which is very useful for understanding the interaction of drug and target. Now my research focus on the evaluation of the new abcg2 charge model developed by our lab on solvation free energy calculation. I am also interested in improving the scoring function of the docking to improve its accuracy for certain systems and use C/Python to implement new energy calculation models.