Office: 222 Salk Pavilion 3C


Program: PhD
Track: Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences
Advisor: Kerry M. Empey, PharmD, PhD

2000-2004 University of Michigan - BS in Biology
2004-2009 University of Michigan College of Pharmacy - PharmD
2008 - University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School - MS in Clinical Research
2009-2010 - MetroHealth Medical Center Cleveland, OH - General Practice Residency
2010-2011 - Cleveland Clinic - Inpatient pharmacist

We are interested in understanding the immunologic response of an infant to RSV disease. We use an infant mouse model to study the natural course of the disease as well as drugs such as IFN-gamma to try and augment their immunologic response to better clear the virus. I am particularly interested in understanding why infants are slow to respond to RSV infection and what contributes to their diminished immune response. Once these factors can be identified, targeted treatments can be administered to improve clinical outcomes.