Office: 222 Salk Pavillion 335 Sutherland Drive Pittsburgh PA 15261

Phone: 412-383-9902


Program: PhD
Track: Pharmaceutics
Advisor: Lisa C. Rohan, PhD

Sheila Grab is a graduate student in the Rohan Lab pursuing a PhD in Pharmaceutics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. Prior to interning with the Rohan lab and then being accepted into the PhD program, Sheila received her B.S. from The Pennsylvania State University.

Sheila’s research is concentrated on vaginal drug delivery for female controlled HIV prevention methods. Sheila has worked extensively with vaginal film development to accommodate a wide range of molecules. Current clinical research in the field suggests that longer acting HIV prevention products are more acceptable to women. Based off of these data, Sheila’s research has focused on the expansion of the platform through the development of extended release vaginal films and the study of critical film attributes which impact vaginal film retention and drug release.