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Community Leadership and Innovation in Practice Center


Welcome to the Center for Community Leadership and Innovation in Practice. Our goal is to advance pharmacy practice and the health of people in our communities through discovery, innovation, training, implementation, and collaboration with our partners and patients.

Our Faculty
Our Faculty: The Center faculty are leaders in community pharmacy practice, education and research and are committed to enriching the lives of people in the communities in which we live and work. We live this commitment through our innovative student curriculum, residency training, and faculty research with our many community-based partners.
Education & Training
Education & Training: Our goal is to train the next generation of pharmacy leaders who will expand the scope of the pharmacy profession and enhance how we provide care to patients in the community. Our PharmD graduates, residents, and fellows are highly sought for top positions across the Nation and are leaders in practice innovation.
Community-Focused Research
Community-Focused Research: We are committed to improving the lives of patients in our communities through innovative pharmacy practice-based research. Our faculty’s research in developing and testing new pharmacy practice models and improving medication safety and use is transforming the lives of our patients each and every day.
Patient Care Partnerships
Patient Care Partnerships: Our community partners are key to providing the highest standard of care to the people in our communities. We have long-standing partnerships with community pharmacies, ambulatory practices and clinics, professional organizations, and pharmacy corporations. These partnerships are central to our mission of advancing pharmacy practice and the health of people through discovery, innovation, and training.