Welcome to the PharmD Program

A Career as a Doctor of Pharmacy

The pharmacist is a patient care provider, interacting with other members of the health care team, that focuses on the appropriate, safe, and effective use of medications. Changes in the US healthcare system and global health needs are facilitating an exciting evolution of responsibilities and roles for pharmacists. Pharmacy graduates from the University of Pittsburgh practice in a variety of environments, working on a continuum from keeping healthy communities healthy to caring for the sickest of the sick.

Our Mission

The PharmD Program prepares student pharmacists to be health care practitioners who optimize the health of patients and society through the effective use of medicines and other interventions. The PharmD Program inspires students to advance the profession by fostering collaboration, lifelong learning, leadership, professionalism, and civic engagement.

Requirements for Admission

Students are required to complete two years of pre-professional course requirements before entering the program and may apply for Conditional or Open Admission. Here are instructions for applying to the School of Pharmacy.

More Information

This website is designed to answer as many of your questions as possible, and there is also an admissions specific FAQ. Or, you may contact Student Services for assistance.