Pitt School of Pharmacy: In the Community

Patient Population
All ages, races, and ethnicities.
Rite Aid Pharmacies including:
Pittsburgh (Sq Hill, Banksville, Mt. Washington)
Shaler, PA
Washington, PA
Rite Care: A Patient Care Practice through the Rite Aid Corporation in Partnership with the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy and Rite Aid (Partners) developed a Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Service, Rite CareSM, designed to help patients achieve the best results from their medications.  Service tools developed include:  a computer software program developed to assist the pharmacists in performing MTM and to document the results to both patients and physicians, a re-design of the participating pharmacies to include a private consultation/patient care center, and a specialized training program for participating pharmacists to learn the standardized patient care process, necessary documentation and software utility. 

Five pharmacist- led patient care practices in the Pittsburgh, PA area conduct patient visits, community and physician outreach programs, and mentoring student pharmacists.  Expansion plans include training and the development of patient care centers nationally within Rite Aid. Together with our Partners, we have recognized a greater ability to provide advanced care to patients than if either entity worked alone.

Service Characteristics

Rite Aid Pharmacists provide Medication Therapy Management Services to a wide-range of patients in their communities.


Current Research initiatives include documenting patient care outcomes of the service.

Student/Resident Participation

Over 30 learners will rotate through the Rite Care locations including P2 and P4 School of Pharmacy students, a community pharmacy resident, pharmacy practice resident, 12 UPMC St. Margaret Family Practice Physician residents, and Rite CareSM pharmacists in training.

Calendar of Events

Individual pharmacy locations offer a wide-variety of services.  Please call or stop-by locations for additional information.


Residency Program

Rite Care in the news:


Melissa Somma, PharmD, CDE
Assistant Professor
E-mail: somma@pitt.edu