Clinical Pharmaceutical Scientist Program

The Clinical Pharmaceutical Scientist program is a specialized track within the graduate program that educates students to conduct pharmaceutical research at the interface of the bench and bedside. Students learn the skills to become independent investigators who utilize contemporary research approaches to generate new knowledge applicable to the disposition and activity of drugs in humans and evaluate differences in drug response among individuals.

The curriculum provides unique opportunities to link clinical pharmacotherapy expertise with bench and/or mathematical approaches. Dissertation projects integrate laboratory techniques, pre-clinical models, and human-based research to answer mechanistic questions that improve health outcomes. Upon completion of the curriculum and dissertation, the Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is awarded.

Applicants for the Clinical Pharmaceutical Scientist program often have a prior degree in the health sciences (e.g., PharmD or other degree in the health sciences). Highly motivated students with a bachelor's or master's degree in science-related fields and a strong interest in clinical research are also encouraged to apply.