PGY-1 CVS Caremark Managed Care

The PGY1 managed care pharmacy residency offers an opportunity to gain a clinical and administrative perspective in the management of pharmacy benefit plans for a wide variety of clients. Multifaceted experience will include both on-site and off-site learning experiences, including involvement with the formulary management process, client management, health plan operations, mail service, research, health management, clinical program development, and specialty pharmacy. Additionally, through an affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, the resident will participate in the Resident Research Series and, if elected, the Teaching Mastery Series.

Through the Resident Research Series, residents identify a practice-related research project and learn about study design and implementation, as well as complete a residency manuscript suitable for publication. The Teaching Mastery Series allows residents to learn about various teaching methods, as well as develop their skills as pharmacy educators and clinical preceptors. Flexibility is provided to meet the individual resident's goals and objectives.

Residency program objectives include:

  1. Describe the structure and function of the formulary management process in the managed care setting;

  2. Describe how medication usage can be evaluated and influenced on a macro level involving large outpatient populations;

  3. Perform outcomes analysis and pharmacoeconomic studies;

  4. Develop effective clinical prior authorization programs;

  5. Develop strategies used to drive formulary utilization;

  6. Understand claims processing systems and benefit design in order to launch clinical activities;

  7. Analyze and develop pharmacy benefit designs customized to client needs;

  8. Analyze claims data for solving problems related to cost and utilization;

  9. Analyze medical and pharmacy literature to effectively solve clinical programs;

  10. Describe the operations of a mail service pharmacy; and

  11. Perform direct and indirect patient care activities.

Application Requirements

All residents must be eligible for pharmacist licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Applications for Pharmacist License and Intern Registration are available.

Pennsylvania requires 1500 registered intern hours in order to be eligible for licensure. Of the 1500 hours, only 1000 hours can be obtained through an academic program. That is, 500 intern hours must be obtained outside of school. These 1500 intern hours must be registered with a state board of pharmacy to count toward licensure in Pennsylvania. If you have not yet started registering hours with your state board of pharmacy, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible in order to be eligible for Pennsylvania licensure. We also encourage you to review your own state's rules regarding the registration, reporting and transfer of intern hours. Please do not hesitate to discuss any questions you have regarding licensure with individual program directors.

Application Process

Eligible candidates must submit the standard application requirements via PhORCAS January 8th. For inquiries, contact Jennifer Heasley, PharmD.

Requested information includes:

  • Basic Demographics

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Three letters of recommendation - two from health professionals related to pharmacy curriculum (instructors) or the reference writer can use the standard form in PhORCAS

  • Written statement summarizing why you are pursuing this residency at CVS Caremark and detailing your career objectives

  • Official transcripts from each college attended

  • Extracurricular Information

  • Professional writing sample

For inquiries, contact Jennifer Heasley, PharmD

This residency site agrees that no person at this site will solicit, accept, or use any ranking related information from any residency candidate.

CVS/Caremark offers an AMCP/ASHP accredited PGY1 Managed Care pharmacy residency program which builds on Pharm.D. education and outcomes to develop a skilled pharmacist practitioner who is prepared to be a patient-centered managed care pharmacist accountable for the care of patients with complex conditions in comparable healthcare environments, or to pursue postgraduate year two (PGY2) training.

Post residency, the graduate will be qualified to pursue employment as a clinical pharmacist in medication therapy management, clinical drug content development, formulary development, and clinical account management.

Duration: 12 months
Number Positions: 1
Starting Date: July 1
Estimated Stipend: $TBD
Benefits: Comprehensive medical plan, life insurance, paid vacation, no weekends (excluding national meetings), holidays, flexible spending account programs for health and dependent care expenses, CVS Caremark employee stock purchase program, travel expense budget for national meetings, memberships and required travel
Training Site Type: Pharmacy Benefit Management Firm
Owner/Affiliates: CVS Caremark
Model (type): Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)

Required Learning Experiences

  • Analytic Consulting Services
  • Clinical Account Management
  • Client Benefits Clinical
  • Clinical Program Development
  • Clinical Program Operations
  • Drug Information & Clinical Knowledge Management
  • Health Plan
  • Mail Service Pharmacy
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medication Therapy Counseling
  • Professional Leadership Development
  • Quality and Accreditation (URAC & NCQA)
  • Research
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Utilization Management Development
  • Electives (e.g. Government Affairs, Advanced Medical Affairs, Advanced Account Management, & others)

Required Longitudinal Learning Experiences

  • Drug Information and Knowledge Management
  • Professional Development and Leadership
  • Resident Research Series

Other elective rotations are available based on resident interest and preceptor availability.


Frank Austria, PharmD

Maribeth Bettarelli, PharmD

Sara Burnheimer, PharmD

Susan Esper, RPh

Kristin Garnett, PharmD

Jayme Gornick, PharmD

Jennifer Heasley, PharmD (Director)

Jamie Holowka, PharmD

Melissa Jay, PharmD

Michele Khosah, PharmD

Jessica Kubilius, PharmD

Lauren Meyer, PharmD

Linda Nichols, PharmD

Jeff Popovic, PharmD

Brad Stevens, PharmD (Coordinator)

Meri Tice, RPh

Samantha Trumbo, PharmD


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Clinical Pharmacist, Medical Affairs
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