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Neal J Benedict, PharmD
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-647-6202
Email: benedictnj@upmc.edu
Lucas A. Berenbrok, PharmD, MS, BCACP, TTS
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-624-8109
Email: berenbrok@pitt.edu
Rhea Bowman, PharmD
Director of Communications, Assistant Professor
Email: reb164@pitt.edu
Mario Browne, MPH, CHES, CDP
Associate Dean for Equity, Engagement, and Justice; Associate Professor, Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Email: mcb77@pitt.edu
Kimberly Burns, RPh JD
Associate Professor
Email: KAB566@pitt.edu
Joni Carroll, PharmD, BCACP, TTS
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-383-4415
Email: joni.carroll@pitt.edu
Kim C. Coley, PharmD, FCCP
Phone: 412-624-6715
Email: coley@pitt.edu
Sharon E. Connor, PharmD
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-648-7192
Email: sconnor@pitt.edu
Colleen M. Culley, PharmD, BCPS
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-383-3767
Email: cmc98@pitt.edu
Aaron S. Devanathan, PharmD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-624-5197
Email: asd129@pitt.edu
Kerry M. Empey, PharmD, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs, Associate Professor
Phone: 412-648-9629
Email: kme33@pitt.edu
Philip E. Empey, PharmD, PhD, FCCP
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-648-7219
Email: pempey@pitt.edu
Tanya J. Fabian, PharmD, PhD
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-586-9754
Email: fabiant@upmc.edu
Bonnie A. Falcione, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID)
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-647-6186
Email: falcioneba@upmc.edu
Roberta M. Farrah, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-784-7673
Email: farrahrm@upmc.edu
Alexis Gaggini, PharmD
Assistant Professor
Email: amg313@pitt.edu
Victoria Luna Brennan Grieve, PharmD
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-383-2276
Email: victoria.grieve@pitt.edu
Deanne L. Hall, PharmD, CDE, BCACP
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-578-9260
Email: dlh75@pitt.edu
Sophia Herbert, PharmD
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-383-3704
Email: sophia.herbert@pitt.edu
Edward T. Horn, PharmD, BCCCP
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-864-3776
Email: horne@upmc.edu
Denise L. Howrie Schiff, PharmD
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Associate Professor
Phone: 412-624-9263
Email: howrie@pitt.edu
Heather Johnson, PharmD, BCPS
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-864-3777
Email: johnsonhj@upmc.edu
Lauren Jonkman, PharmD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-648-8563
Email: ljf1@pitt.edu
Sandra L. Kane-Gill, PharmD, MS, FCCM, FCCP
Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Phone: 412-624-5150
Email: Kane-Gill@pitt.edu
Maria Felton Lowry, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-864-2899
Email: lowrymf@upmc.edu
Melissa A. Somma McGivney, PharmD, FCCP, FAPhA
Associate Dean for Community Partnerships,Professor
Phone: 412-624-8142
Email: mmcgivney@pitt.edu
Susan M. Meyer, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: smeyer@pitt.edu
Terri Newman, PharmD, MS
Assistant Professor
Email: tvn6@pitt.edu
Thomas D. Nolin, PharmD, PhD, FCCP, FCP, FASN
Associate Dean for Research and Sponsored Programs, Associate Professor
Phone: 412-624-4683
Email: nolin@pitt.edu
Karen S. Pater, PharmD, CDCES, BCACP
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-383-5963
Email: paterks@pitt.edu
Brian A. Potoski, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-648-6487
Email: potoskiba@upmc.edu
Janice L. Pringle, PhD
Phone: 412-383-2005
Email: jlp127@pitt.edu
James J. Pschirer, PharmD
Assistant Professor Emeritus
Phone: 412-383-5229
Email: pschirer@pitt.edu
Catherine B. Rebitch, PharmD, BCACP
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-383-3574
Email: car184@pitt.edu
Bridget T. Regan, MBA, RPh
Director of Pharmacy Business Programs, Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-648-8565
Email: Bridget.Regan@pitt.edu
John Riley, MBA
Assistant Professor
Email: jer158@pitt.edu
Christine Ruby-Scelsi, PharmD BCPS
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-623-2700
Email: rubyscelsicm@upmc.edu
Kristine S. Schonder, PharmD
Associate Professor
Phone: 412-864-3778
Email: schonderks@upmc.edu
Kristen Shimko, PharmD
Adjunct Instructor
Phone: 412-647-5933
Susan J. Skledar, RPh, MPH, FASHP
Director of Experiential Learning, Professor
Phone: 412-648-1504
Email: sjs15@pitt.edu
Ashley Stewart, EdD
Instructional Designer
Phone: 412-383-033
Email: ashley.stewart@pitt.edu
Kangho Suh, PharmD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-383-3579
Email: kas551@pitt.edu
Dennis P. Swanson, MS
Professor Emeritus
Phone: 412-383-1399
Email: dswanson@pitt.edu
Lauren Trilli, PharmD, BCPS
Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-688-6000 X 815403
Email: Lauren.carradine@va.gov
Ying Xue, PhD
Assistant Professor
Email: yix49@pitt.edu
Ashley Yarabinec, PharmD, BCGP (she/her)
Associate Director of Experiential Learning, Assistant Professor
Phone: 412-383-5229
Email: aby12@pitt.edu