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Dennis P. Swanson, MS

Office: Hieber Building, Room 205

Phone: 412-383-1399

Fax: 412-578-8555


Dennis P. Swanson is Professor of Pharmacy and Assistant Dean, School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Swanson also currently serves as Director of the Research Conduct and Compliance Office, University of Pittsburgh. In addition, he holds the University positions of Vice Chair of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Director of the IRB Office; Chair of the Human Use Subcommittee, Radiation Safety Committee; and Chair of the Radioactive Drug Research Committee.

Mr. Swanson received is B.S degree. in Pharmacy from the University of Iowa and MS degree in Nuclear Pharmacy from the University of Southern California. He has published numerous articles and book chapters and edited two books related to the research development and cost-effective clinical application of radioactive and non-radioactive diagnostic imaging agents. He has represented nuclear pharmacy on advisory committees to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Food and Drug Administration; has been a long-standing member of the Drug Information Advisory Panel and Committee of Revisions of the U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention, Inc.; and has served on numerous committees within the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Section on Nuclear Pharmacy of the American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA).

Mr. Swanson was awarded APhA fellowship status in 1989, was recognized as a Pioneer in Nuclear Pharmacy at the 2000 APhA annual meeting, and was the recipient of the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management William H. Briner Distinguished Achievement Award in Nuclear Pharmacy in 2001. Mr. Swanson is a board-certified (Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties) nuclear pharmacist and certified (ARENA) IRB professional.