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Balwant N. Dixit has devoted more than four decades to the School of Pharmacy in teaching and in leadership roles. In 1949, shortly after he graduated from high school, and after sudden death of his father, Dixit trained as a custom tailor in order to support his education. While running his own business in India he earned two B. S. degrees (biology and chemistry), an M. S. degree in biochemistry, an M. S. degree in pharmacology and an MBA (certificate program).

Dixit came to USA in 1962 as an International Fellow in Pharmacology and after receiving his Ph. D. degree from the University of Pittsburgh was appointed assistant professor. In 1973, he became the chair of the Department of Pharmacology. As the interim dean (1976-78) of the School of Pharmacy, Dixit established the Department of Clinical and Community Pharmacy and the Department of Pharmaceutics, as well as a program in clinical pharmacokinetics, a Drug Information Center, and a full-service pharmacy in the Student Health Service. Dixit has also served as associate dean of graduate studies and research, director of affirmative action, director of continuing education and the director of animal care facilities in the School of Pharmacy. Dixit received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1981.

In addition to his academic responsibilities in the School of Pharmacy, Dixit is the founding director of the Center for the Performing Arts of India (CPAI) at the University of Pittsburgh. He has received several national and international awards for introducing Indian classical music to colleges, universities throughout USA and Canada. He has also conducted studies identifying “Performance Related Injuries in India Instrumental musicians.”

Dixit was elected to the Faculty Assembly, the University Council, and the Graduate Studies Council.