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Dr. McDermott holds a PhD degree in organic chemistry from Brown University and an MBA degree in finance from Rutgers University.
He is faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, part of the leadership faculty of the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute and a member of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. He is also editorial board member of Pharmaceutical Frontiers and the Journal of Drug Research and Development.

Prior to joining the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. McDermott was a Life Sciences Director in a NY consulting firm. In that capacity, Dr. McDermott led and participated in interdisciplinary consulting teams that advised pharmaceutical industry clients. Prior to that, Dr. McDermott was a Senior Principal Scientist in the Department of Discovery Chemistry of Roche Pharmaceuticals. As part of the Oncology and Metabolic Diseases medicinal chemistry sections he was involved in hit-to-lead campaigns, the SAR and DMPK optimization of small molecule leads, and the rational design of small molecule series via the use of molecular modeling and x-ray structures. During his tenure at Roche Dr. McDermott was part of extended teams that identified two small molecules that entered clinical trials and was named inventor in 23 patent applications.

Dr. McDermott is teaching faculty in the courses: a) Pharm_3032, Medicinal Chemistry; b) Pharm_3023, Foundations of Pharmaceutical Sciences; c) Pharm_5117, Biochemistry II; d) Pharm_2001, Pharmaceutical Analysis; e) MSMPHL_2370, Drug Discovery.  His research interests are rational drug design, synthesis and optimization of small molecules against enzyme targets that are important in tumor cell proliferation, neuronal injury pathways, metabolic and infectious diseases

Dr. McDermott's research interests are rational drug design, synthesis and optimization of small molecules against enzyme targets that are important in tumor cell proliferation, neuronal injury pathways, metabolic and infectious diseases.

Selected recent publications.

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