A Contribution to Western Pennsylvania Pharmacy

A History of the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy 1878-1958

By Edward C. Reif & Thelma C. Reif

Published in 1959 by the University of Pittsburgh Press

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 59-12565

Copyright, The University of Pittsburgh Press

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  2. Foreword
  3. Authors' Preface
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Dedicated to

George A. Kelly, Sr.

and the other pioneers who worked so diligently and faithfully to insure pharmaceutical education in Western Pennsylvania.


This book, like others of its kind, is a labor of love. It was written in the space of months, but it represents years of endeavor in collecting large and small items that go to make up the truly factual account of events in the history of a school.

As the first dean of the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy, I know the constant struggle in starting the enterprise and in keeping it going. At a time when educational standards, curricula, faculty and graduation requirements, and all manner of policies had to be formulated, weighed, tried out, and sometimes discarded, the future of the school always stood before us as our goal.

That future, much of which is now the present, has been justified. The School has reached a high pinnacle of attainment, and from its seventy-five years of rigorous effort will go on to increasing greatness in the field of pharmaceutical education.

Julius A. Koch
Emeritus Dean

Authors' Preface

This School of Pharmacy has a history which brings to the attention of others many events initiated and promoted by a group of sincere and farsighted men who made numerous sacrifices for a much needed school. Their activities resulted in progressive strides in pharmaceutical education in Western Pennsylvania. It would be remiss, if, on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee, we failed to put into print some of their accomplishments.

Some individuals realized early the need for measures to insure better public health, the need for an academic education of the person whose prime function was to compound and dispense medicines, and the need for improvement in basic scientific knowledge. A call was, therefore, sent forth to bring about an organization of the pharmacists then living in this area whose method of training had been chiefly by apprentice-preceptor relationship. This resulted in the formation of the Pharmaceutical Association of Allegheny County on September 20, 1871.

The early pharmaceutical educational activities of this group of pharmacists was started as a simple course of organized lectures in a properly chartered institution, The Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy. This course supplemented the practical knowledge of the apprentice. Thus a system of education began which since has expanded to many courses and a great variety of curriculums spreading over an increasing number of years.

This work attempts to show how The School of Pharmacy played an important part in meeting the many conditions which made necessary a continuous and broadening system of pharmaceutical education.

Our thanks to the staffs in the following libraries who were so gen-erous with their time, ideas, and help in locating material; The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh Academy of Medicine; The Medical and Dental Library, University of Pittsburgh; Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania; and The Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny.

We, too, are grateful and deeply appreciate the help afforded us by Miss Marianne Ratay, Miss Ann Zilonis, Dr. George W. Kutscher, Miss Hulda Ihsen, Dr. Frederick J. Blumenschein, Mrs. Ernest Percival, Miss Grace Kelly, Miss Eleanor P. Kelly, Mr. Edward C. Ifft, Mr. Bernard Schiller, Mr. William Pettit, Miss Dorothy English, Mr. Robert R. Gaw, Mr. William L. Blockstein, Miss Alice McCann, and the late Doctors Julius A. Koch, John H. Wurdack, Louis Saalbach, Mr. O. C. Sarver, and Mr. Fred Schiller.

We also wish to acknowledge the assistance of the Faculty of The School of Pharmacy, the editorial help of Miss Dorothy Nuttall, the help of those who have prepared statements especially for publication in this book, and the services of many others in innumerable ways. We are appreciative and most grateful for the help and encouragement of Mr. O. M. Reif.

And our special thanks to Mrs. Agnes L. Starrett, University editor and director of the University Press, for her counsel and encouragement.

Edward C. Reif
Thelma C. Reif


  1. Part One: Events Which Led to the Founding of a School
    • Beginnings
    • First Curriculum, Classes, Faculty and Corporation
  2. Part Two: Affiliation with the Western University of Pennsylvania
    • The College
    • Consolidation with Scio
    • Raised Standards
    • The Fiftieth Anniversary
  3. Part Three: A School in the University of Pittsburgh
    • A Four-Year Course
    • Semesters and Grading Systems
    • Pharmacy Conferences
    • Special Activities
    • World War II
    • Scholarships
    • Veterans
  4. Part Four: Integration with the Health Professions
    • Integration
    • American Pharmaceutical Association Conventions
    • Pharmaceutical Survey
    • Graduate Courses Inaugurated
    • Awards
    • Diamond Jubilee
    • Workshops and Seminars
    • Student Activities
    • A Vice Chancellor for the Health Professions
    • Beginning of the Next Era
    • Conclusion
  5. Part Five: Appendices
    1. Appendix I. The Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy: Corporation Trustees, State Board Representatives, Deans, Administrative Officers
    2. Appendix II: Roster of the Faculty and Biographies, 1878-1955
      1. Roster of Faculty 1878-1900
      2. Roster of Faculty 1900-1920
      3. Roster of Faculty 1920-1940
      4. Roster of Faculty 1940-1955
      5. Biographies of Faculty, 1878-1955
    3. Appendix III. Pharmacy Organizations: Alumni and Students
    4. Appendix IV. Scholarships, Awards, and Loan Funds
    5. Appendix V. Disjecta Membra
      1. Constitution of the Pharmaceutical Association of Allegheny County, 1871
      2. Constitution of the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy, 1883
      3. Original Agreement between the College and Western University of Pennsylvania, 1878
      4. Incorporation of the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy, 1878
      5. Unjust Taxation of Druggists, 1878
      6. Pennsylvania Pharmacy Law, 1887
      7. College Announcement of Schedule, 1891
      8. List of Subscribers to the Building Fund, 1895
      9. Agreement between the College and Western University of Pennsylvania, 1896
      10. Some Suggestions Toward the Pharmacopoeia of 1900
      11. Agreement with the Pittsburgh Dental College, 1905
      12. Announcing the Consolidation with the Scio College of Pharmacy, 1908
      13. Resolution on Behalf of Retail Druggists Association, Inc., 1909
      14. Letters in Favor of Edmonds Bill, 1917
      15. Christmas Greetings
      16. Lehn and Fink Award
      17. Address of Melvin Green, College Diamond Jubilee, 1953
      18. Address of E. C. Reif, Installation as President of A.A.C.P., 1953
      19. Report of E. C. Reif A.A.C.P. President, 1954
      20. Address of Robert A. Moore, 1954
      21. General Purposes of the University and the School
    6. Appendix VI. Alumni List


Facsimile of the Diamond Jubilee Dinner Program, 1953. / 103-109

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