Silver Scripts

SilverScripts is a community health outreach program reaching local senior community centers in Pittsburgh. Student pharmacists begin the program the spring of their first professional year and continue in the fall of their second professional year.

At each visit, student pharmacists complete comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs), an interactive medication review to assess the patient’s medications and better medication related health outcomes. In conducting a CMR, students (working with faculty and resident pharmacist preceptors) identify drug therapy problems ranging from inappropriate medication therapy to medication nonadherence.

Each patient is provided with a Personal Medication Record (PMR) and Medication Action Plan (MAP) as a result of the medication review to help the patient manage their medications. When necessary, students make referrals to other health professionals and follow-up with the patient’s doctor.

The SilverScripts experience provides an early exposure to real patient encounters, which allows our students to (1) practice basic pharmaceutical care skills (2) demonstrate effective communication skills and (3) develop a professional identity as a student pharmacist.

In 2018 and 2019, our student pharmacists have provided:

  • 517 Blood pressure assessments
  • 254 Comprehensive Medication Reviews
  • 30 Referrals to other health care providers
  • 25 Targeted Medication Reviews
  • 13 Hearing screens
  • 10 Point-of-care tests
  • 7 Immunizations
Students providing services in a Silverscripts session