About the School

Providing innovators and discoveries that solve complex medication-based problems of today and tomorrow. The innovators are our peopleā€”our students, our alumni, and our faculty and staff.

We are innovators who are

  • Discovering new drug entities
  • Developing new drug delivery systems
  • Identifying ever more effective ways for pharmacists to deliver patient care
  • Defining the future of pharmacy education

We are personalizing the education of our students by

  • Helping each student find their niche in the expansive environment that is health care
  • Engaging students in learning experiences that accelerate their professional growth
  • Preparing students to innovate, to lead, and to improve health
  • Getting our students to expert faster

We are improving the health of the people where we live and work. We deliver and shape care delivery

  • During transitions of care
  • In the community and in health care institutions
  • For the medically underserved
  • In international communities