Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe that a special and powerful synergy evolves from a diverse community with an inclusive culture.

In many ways across all of our programs, we are a very diverse school, and yet, we know that achieving full equity for all, requires an ongoing commitment to review the curriculum, our policies and procedures, and every other aspect that makes up the life of the school. We undertake this process through school-wide retreats and trainings, the continual work of a Diversity and Inclusion committee, as well as a special focus by other committees such as Recruitment, Curriculum, Curricular Assessment, and the Graduate Program Council.

Since Pitt's Year of Diversity, Pitt Pharmacy has partnered with our building mate, the Pitt School of Dental Medicine, to offer a broad assortment of activities designed to promote sharing between the two schools such as a global food festival, book club, and art and writing expo.

We work to utilize resources provided within the larger University setting such as the Pitt Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Health Sciences Diversity Office, and the University Center for Teaching and Learning.


Mario C. Browne, M.P.H.
C.H.E.S. C.D.P.

Associate Dean for Equity, Engagement, & Justice

University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
05012 Curran Center for Pharmacy Students
3501 Terrace Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15261
(O) 412-383-2272 | (C) 412-576-9850
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