Why Choose Pitt Pharmacy?

The opportunity to attend a premier, nationally ranked pharmacy program.

A pharmacy education tailored to your specific interests.

Close proximity to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and other major hospital systems.

A place where tomorrow begins today, with infinite opportunities for research, innovation and collaboration.

A high percentage of students obtaining a job or residency after graduating.

While our own list of reasons you should choose Pitt Pharmacy could go on, it is the stories directly from our pharmacy students that give the most insight into why Pitt might be “it” for you:

Pitt Pharmacy stood out to me. It was ranked as one of the best pharmacy schools in the nation, which was extremely appealing to me. Pharmacy school aside, the University of Pittsburgh was shown to be a highly prestigious school with high-quality education. I would feel a lot of pride to be able to attend such a highly ranked school pursuing my passion. – Lauren Garcia

Originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, only about two hours from Pitt, I grew up visiting the City of Pittsburgh, and always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field following treatment at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh when I was young. I always knew I wanted to help others, and truly found a passion for health equity, public health, literacy, policy and access. I knew Pitt Pharmacy would give me a unique opportunity, in a city I already knew I loved, to be able to combine these passions and pursue my education. – Shay Roth

Another factor that has drawn me to Pitt is its partnership with UPMC facilities, the number-one ranked hospital system in Pennsylvania. This partnership has provided opportunities for current pharmacy students to make rounds with doctors even before earning a doctorate degree. Being near top-ranked hospitals provides endless research, internship and job opportunities that someone in the pharmacy field would greatly benefit from. – Dana Edwards

I could not imagine another school having closer affiliations to a world-class health care network that is always on the leading edge of medical advancements. Currently, I think that I want to pursue a career in clinical pharmacy in the hospital setting, and Pitt, along with UPMC, could definitely help me accomplish this in a way that no other school can. – Isaac May

The high NAPLEX passing rates and high percentage of students either getting a residency or a job after graduation makes it so desirable. Also, a wide variety of opportunities offered within the university, such as the extracurricular opportunities, allowing for collaboration and networking with other pharmacy students, different concentrations available, and credible research opportunities. – Katherine Gillin 

The environment of inclusion and collaboration at Pitt Pharmacy is one that inspires me. – Kiran Barik

The opportunities to personalize my education led me to apply to Pitt Pharmacy. Affiliated with a teaching hospital, the pharmacy school will offer valuable opportunities for experiential learning and direct patient care, helping me to expand my passion for service. Additionally, Pitt Pharmacy offers areas of concentration, allowing me to explore a niche within pharmacy. I knew that, through this personalized framework, Pitt Pharmacy would provide me with a strong foundation for my future career. – Christine Gong

I was sold on where I wanted to go to school and what I wanted to do. – Collin Brown

The summer after my junior year of high school I attended the first ever RxPLORE pharmacy summer camp held by the University of Pittsburgh’s pharmacy school. Through this camp we got to spend an entire week living in the dorms, interacting with current Pitt pharmacy students and faculty, and learning all about pharmacy. It was at this camp that I not only fell in love with the field of pharmacy itself, but the University of Pittsburgh as a whole. Every current pharmacy student I met was so genuinely nice and caring and it was extremely obvious how passionate they were about Pitt Pharmacy. I immediately saw myself in the students I met and knew this was the place where I would fit in and thrive. – Ann Kozak

More reasons to choose Pitt Pharmacy:

  • Many opportunities to discover various career paths in pharmacy
  • Welcoming, encouraging, tight-knit community
  • Early experiential learning training
  • Immersive pre-pharmacy experiences such as the RxPLORE camp, and the Pharmacy, Innovations, Experience, and Research (PIER) program
  • Accomplished, caring faculty and staff members
  • 2+4 Guaranteed Admission Program
  • Top-20 all-time pass rate on the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX)
  • An environment in which you can excel personally and professionally
  • Opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Community outreach with groups such as the Grace Lamsam Pharmacy Program[MKA2]  for the Underserved
  • Vast alumni/-ae network
  • Interprofessional collaboration with other schools of health sciences
  • Specialized training in areas of interest
  • Location near diverse neighborhoods, in the heart of the City of Pittsburgh
  • Arts, entertainment and dining options that are reputable, accessible and affordable

The reasons to pursue an education at Pitt Pharmacy are voluminous, but the decision is simple.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy is simply the best.