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Pharmacists are medication experts who help optimize use of medications from drug discovery to patient use and outcomes. The foundation is pharmacist patient care focused on appropriate safe and effective use of medications in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams. Our pharmacy graduates apply their expertise in all aspects of medication discovery, development, and utilization with the goal of maintaining health and mitigating disease. Learn what differentiates a Pitt Pharmacy education »

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Our innovative curriculum integrates science and practice, is informed by research, and emphasizes personalized education.  


Pitt Pharmacy faculty are clinical experts and cutting-edge researchers bringing the latest discoveries directly to our students.

Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning

Pitt Pharmacy has experiential sites to meet all students needs and provide a variety of unique real-world learning experiences.

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Pitt Pharmacy will provide you with opportunities to personalize your education and get you to expert faster! You can choose experiences that will maximize your talents and interests.


Ever wonder what it is like in a day of a life of a Pitt Pharmacy student? RxAmbassadors are a group of student pharmacists dedicated to helping you on your path to becoming part of the Pitt Pharmacy community.

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Is Pitt Pharmacy the right fit for you? Explore exciting careers in patient care, research, industry and more! Connect with us to arrange a visit to campus and/or talk to a member of our admission team.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The target class size is 114 students in each professional year of the PharmD program.

Although most of our students are from Pennsylvania, we draw students from across the United States and the world.

Yes, beginning in the Fall.

Each student starts the PharmD as a first professional year student regardless of prior educational background.

Admission is competitive and is based on holistic review of all aspects of the application. A science GPA of a 3.0 is considered competitive.

Only the pre-pharmacy courses are required. Individuals are eligible at any college level to apply which includes undergraduates and those with a degree(s).

The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is optional and will be considered in the holistic application review process for applicants who have reported scores. Note* that the PCAT will no longer be offered by Pearson starting in July 2024) We do not require the GRE.

Credits are accepted from any accredited US institution and select Canadian institutions. Letter grades of a C or better must be earned to transfer the credit to Pitt Pharmacy. Note* We do not accept credits from schools outside the US or the select Canadian institutions.

We notify every applicant via email as soon as a decision is made by the admissions committee. The contact information you provided in PharmCAS is used for all communications.

  Semester system.

Yes. A new application can be submitted for future admissions cycles through PharmCAS. A member of the PharmD admissions team can meet to discuss reapplication.