Pharmaceutical Science Graduate Programs

PhD Program

The School of Pharmacy offers training at the doctoral level to highly motivated individuals seeking a career in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. Our mission is to train the next generation of leaders and innovators seeking to make new discoveries and improve the healthcare on a global scale of the community through outstanding basic, translational, and clinical research. Major strengths include highly accomplished, well-funded research faculty, multidisciplinary training opportunities, and cutting-edge technologies. Our rigorous training program prepares students to become leaders in pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, research institutions, and universities.


Program Tracks

There are six areas that students may select to specialize their education:

Requirements for Graduation

Each PhD student must write a dissertation that presents the results of research carried out by the student. An appropriate research project involves a substantive piece of original and independent research grounded in an appropriate body of literature. It is relevant to an identifiable field as it is currently practiced. It represents a hypothesis tested by collection and analysis of data and provides a significant contribution or advancement to that field.