Pharmacoanalytics of Natural Product-Drug Interactions Fellowship

This 2-year fellowship is a collaboration between the Pharmacoanalytics program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and the Center of Excellence for Natural Product Drug Interaction (NaPDI) Research.

The 2-year fellowship program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy provide a strong foundation in the pharmacoanalytics, pharmacovigilance and translational research of natural-products and drug interactions. Our goal is to train future independent researchers, faculty members, and health system leaders with a solid foundation in pharmacovigilance and complementary medicine.

Fellows will:

  • Be mentored by a multi-disciplinary team that includes the NCCIH funded Center of Excellence for Natural Product Drug Interaction (NaPDI) Research, the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, and the University of Pittsburgh Department of Biomedical Informatics.
  • Conduct pharmacovigilance research on the safety of natural products and their involvement in potentially harmful drug interactions. The research will involve safety surveillance and signal detection using a variety of data sources. Also, hypotheses generation about potential pharmacologic mechanisms and prioritization of signals for further in vitro and clinical investigation will be conducted.
  • Facilitate the development of new content and validate existing content for the NaPDI data repository (
  • Provide input on the continued development of a public website that disseminates natural product-drug interaction data.
  • Have the option to enroll in a Clinical/Translational Research certificate program from the University of Pittsburgh. 
  • Receive an annual stipend and health insurance.


Applicants should have a strong interest in data analysis, data informatics and drug metabolism/pharmacokinetics. This is a great opportunity for individuals who have recently completed a PharmD or PhD in a Pharmacology related field.  


Please submit a letter of intent, CV, and 3 letters of recommendation by January 6th to Dr. Sandra Kane-Gill.