The PittPharmacy Alumni Society

The purpose of Pitt Pharmacy Alumni Society is to support the interests of the School of Pharmacy, advance the interests of alumni and promote the profession of Pharmacy. Together, we:

  • Enhance the quality of education and the status of our school within the community
  • Develop a strong network of alumni
  • Promote fundraising for the School of Pharmacy
  • Are active in student recruitment, mentorship, and placement programs
  • Develop leaders in pharmacy.
President's Message

“I owe a lot to the alumni of the University who influenced my course through my Pitt undergraduate training, graduate training, post-graduate training, and now career as a faculty member. I hope to give back through serving on the Pitt Pharmacy Alumni Society Board and through supporting other alumni in their own journeys to stay connected to the University and give back in whatever ways they choose. We all have Pitt in common, and we all have Pitt Pharmacy to thank for its part in our own personal paths and successes.” Sophia Herbert, President

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Become a Preceptor or Mentor

One of the best ways to give back to the profession is by precepting and mentoring our next generation of pharmacists. If you are interested in mentoring or precepting students learn more »

board members
Board Members

Our society has a dedicated group of alumni serving on our board of directors. View a list of our board members along with how to join »