Personalize Your Education

PittPharmacy will provide you with opportunities to personalize your education and get you to expert faster! You can choose experiences that will maximize your talents and interests. Your path can include:

Areas of Concentration

Areas of Concentration (ARCOs) provide you a way to tailor your education to explore your personal professional interests. During pharmacy school, you can pursue an area of pharmacy in depth through specialized courses and experiences, mentoring, and a scholarly project.

  • Community Leadership, Innovation, and Practice
  • Geriatrics & Palliative Care
  • Global Health
  • Pediatrics
  • PharmacoAnalytics
  • Pharmacotherapy Scholars
  • Pharmacy Business Administration
  • Research


Students may apply for an ARCO during their second professional year of PharmD training. Each ARCO has specific requirements.

International Pharmacy Travel

As a Pitt student pharmacist, you can gain international exposure to diverse practices of pharmacy and global cultures. The world map marks PittPharmacy partnerships for student experiences.

Selecting Experiential Rotations

You can design an individualized combination of core and elective rotations that are unique to your professional interests, talents, and goals. You will be able to choose from over 700 rotations in a wide range of pharmacy careers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Student-Driven Independent Study

You can work directly with a faculty member to design a unique one-on-one learning experience in the community, hospital, or laboratory. Unlike traditional electives, you will play an active role in establishing the goals and parameters of the project.

Laboratory, Hospital, and Community Research

PittPharmacy ranks #9 in research funding, which includes laboratory, hospital, and community research programs. Located on the same campus as hospitals and five other health science schools, PittPharmacy also has extensive community pharmacy partnerships. You can conduct research with the mentoring of these nationally-recognized faculty, who also teach in the classroom.

Elective Courses

Faculty members offer specialized courses that address a wide range of pharmacy practice areas. You can select from School of Pharmacy and School-approved University offerings.

Professional Development Advising

PittPharmacy is committed to student success in the classroom and in personalizing their paths to future careers through core course experiences, experiential learning, and co-curricular experiences. Professional Development is a vital part of growth as a student pharmacist through acquiring skills, abilities, behaviors, and attitudes that are building blocks for a pharmacy career. The PittPharmacy Professional Development Advising program provides students with both faculty and student advisors to guide them on career planning and professional development requirements.