Alumni Help Community Pharmacy APPE Remote Rotation Adapt and Evolve


The pandemic has created an unprecedented need for pharmacists and their teams to address health care in the community, while adapting to a rapidly evolving pandemic. 

PittPharmacy faculty Melissa McGivney, PharmD ‘98 and her community pharmacy team have partnered with Robert Maher, BS ’93, PharmD ’97 of Klingensmith’s Drug Stores and Ashley Firm, PharmD ’14 of Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy to create a unique Community Pharmacy Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) for P4 students. This APPE allows student pharmacists to assist independent pharmacies in caring for people in their communities.

Students remotely complete HIPPA training at the respective pharmacy and then conduct outbound calls to assist patients with medication synchronization and chronic care management.

Students ensure that patients are connected to health care when/if needed.  and document care provided and also follow up with patients.

Each student also works to support projects related to community pharmacy practice advancement with the following partners:

Pennsylvania Pharmacist Care Network/Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service Network (CPESN) – Stephanie McGrath, PharmD ‘07

Flip the Pharmacy, Pennsylvania – Brandon Antinopoulos, PharmD ‘14

Academia-CPESN Transformation (ACT) Pharmacy Collaborative – Melissa McGivney, PharmD ’98; Sophia Cothrel, PharmD ‘19

Allegheny County Health Department – Joni Carroll, PharmD ‘15

Students are developing COVID-19 resources summaries to be shared with pharmacies statewide, protocols for enrolling patients in medication synchronization programs, and a step-wise guide for the development of telemedicine at a community pharmacy.