Making a Difference and Protecting Patients and Students Telehealth Ed – ICU Faculty Created an Innovative Solution.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life for all and that includes the way that pharmacy students learn and faculty teach.

Among other initiatives, PittPharmacy took on a grand challenge with Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations.

In many places, student pharmacists are no longer permitted on hospital floors where restrictions exist due to risks for COVID-19 infection. To meet the challenge, an innovative PittPharmacy team of Dr. Pam Smithburger, Dr. Amy Seybert, and Mr. Larry Kobulinsky created a novel remote-access APPE acute care rotation in just four days.

While not physically present on the unit during patient care rounds, students can still engage with patient care and are learning about complex disease states. Student pharmacists participate in most activities that normally occur during a standard acute care rotation, including making recommendations to the patient care team.

These PittPharmacy students are protecting patients and themselves while making a difference in patient care.  Thanks to PittPharmacy faculty and staff LEADING THE WAY.