A Podcast Prescription for Transformative Pharmacy Care

Photo Above: Stephanie McGrath, Executive Director, PPCN interviews national Flip the Pharmacy Leaders Randy McDonough and Suzanne Feeney for the inaugural "Beyond the Sig" podcast.

The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association has partnered with Pharmacy Podcast Network to bring you a series of podcasts designed to help community pharmacists implement change and practice transformation.

The podcasts have been developed in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and their 'Flip The Pharmacy' team and paid for through CDC grant funding provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association.

The US Healthcare system is going through tremendous changes. Transactional based medicine is transforming into a value-based care approach where better patient outcomes are the goal rather than completing a procedure and checking boxes within an electronic health records system. Pharmacy is no different – pharmacists traditionally filled prescriptions as moment-in-time events with no regard for past or future context.  Chronic conditions dominate the demand for health care delivery.  Pharmacy workflow is now transforming and business modeling towards a whole patient, longitudinal orientation to match the need is paramount.   This is a need change which is good for patients, good for payers and good for pharmacy sustainability.

Podcasting is becoming the leading media tool to customize messaging. With over 1 million podcasts now listed with the leading podcast directory, Apple Podcasts, the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association had the foresight to invest in a publication to deliver the message about “flip the pharmacy” to help transform pharmacies across the nation. "Beyond the Sig” will feature pharmacy industry leaders, pharmacy owners, academia, student pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to showcase the transformation of pharmacy. 

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