Group photo of th 2019-2020 PharmD student anbassadors

Ever wonder what it is like in a day of a life of a PittPharmacy student? Have questions about how to get into the program? Do you want a tour of Salk Hall? RxAmbassadors are here to help you with all of that and more! RxAmbassadors are a group of student pharmacists dedicated to helping you on your path to becoming part of the PittPharmacy community.

Our RxAmbassadors come from a variety of backgrounds, and all have different areas of interest. Come stop by Salk for a tour or to grab a cup of coffee from Rxpresso and chat with an RxAmbassador today! Information for tours can be found here, but please feel free to reach out via email to any of the RxAmbassadors listed below.

Photo of Dana Abraham
  • Dana Abraham
  • Year: P4
  • Hometown: Westfield, IN
  • High School: Westfield High School
  • Favorite Class: Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Why PittPharmacy: When looking at pharmacy schools to attend, I found that Pitt offered an incredible number of opportunities to personalize my education and advance my professional career. I continue to be impressed with how well Pitt prepares us for the future residencies, fellowships, and clinical pharmacist positions, and with how willing the faculty is to help us every step of the way. Hail to Pitt!
  • Email Address: daa68@pitt.edu

Photo of Amanda Cremeans
  • Amanda Cremeans
  • Year: P3
  • Hometown: Orlando, FL
  • High School: Evans High School
  • Favorite Class: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Why PittPharmacy: I always wanted to be a pharmacist and knew that I wanted to come to Pitt. Originally, reputation and prestige attracted me to PittPharmacy and our program certainly earns the honor of such esteem. Of course it helps that I absolutely fell in love with this city! PittPharmacy has so much more to offer. Direct patient care within the first few weeks of classes, a first semester course taught by our Dean, and world-renowned experts in our classrooms, are a few examples of what makes Pitt such a special place! We also have an absolutely stellar Admissions Team so don't hesitate to call or stop by - you will not regret making that connection.
  • Email Address: amc3@pitt.edu

Photo of Jeanine Flanigan
  • Jeanine Flanigan
  • Year: P4
  • Hometown: Columbia, MD
  • High School: Oakland Mills High School
  • Favorite Class: Infectious Diseases
  • Why PittPharmacy: I was drawn to PittPharmacy from my very first tour. I really liked the program as well as the opportunities for individualization within it. I like being able to conduct research and customize your rotations. Being close to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) hospital system and having supportive professors, there's no better place to become the best pharmacist!
  • Email Address: jaf158@pitt.edu

Photo of Bunly Heng
  • Bunly Heng
  • Year: P3
  • Hometown: Cambodia
  • High School: Pannasastra International School
  • Favorite Class: Biochem
  • Why PittPharmacy: I chose Pittpharmacy because the program is the best in the state and the faculty members are very supportive. The classroom environment allows students and professors to participate in collaborative conversations. Pitt also has a culture of listening, which encourage students to express their opinion.
  • Email Address: gjh24@pitt.edu

Photo of Megan Karuzie
  • Megan Karuzie
  • Year: P2
  • Hometown: Pittston, PA
  • High School: Pittston Area High School
  • Favorite Class: Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Why PittPharmacy: I chose PittPharmacy because it allows students to personalize their education in a countless number of ways; through areas of concentration, special topics courses, electives, and student organizations. I also love the school's focus on teaching direct patient care. Staring the first semester of pharmacy school, students have the opportunity to practice patient care through standardized patients and the SimMan.
  • Email Address: mmk91@pitt.edu

Photo of Josephine Kim
  • Josephine Kim
  • Year: P3
  • Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA
  • High School: Stroudsburg High School
  • Favorite Class: Principles of Drug Action
  • Why PittPharmacy: I chose PittPharmacy because this program has provided me with many unique opportunities to personalize my education and develop as a professional. Within the first year, students are able to participate in electives, special topics, and research. As one of the most prestigious pharmacy schools in the country, Pitt provides an excellent education by incorporating direct patient care in the first semesters of the program.
  • Email Address: jyk10@pitt.edu

Photo of Vincent Knecht
  • Vincent Knecht
  • Year: P3
  • Hometown: Friedens, PA
  • High School: Somerset Area High School
  • Favorite Class: Pharmacists Patient Care
  • Why PittPharmacy: I chose PittPharamcy because of the numerous opportunities the curriculum has to offer to personalize your education. I knew that I would be getting direct patient care experience throughout the entire program and have an edge when applying to clinical residency programs after I graduate.
  • Email Address: vrk16@pitt.edu

Photo of Eric Lee
  • Eric Lee
  • Year: P3
  • Hometown: Syosset, PA
  • High School: Syosset High School
  • Favorite Class: Pharmaceutical Patient Care - Top Drugs
  • Why PittPharmacy: The supportive culture from the faculty and staff felt genuine during my interview here. I find PittPharmacy' s greatest strength in letting students personalize their education to be very empowering.
  • Email Address: ejl54@pitt.edu

Photo of Julianne Mercer
  • Julianne Mercer
  • Year: P3
  • Hometown: Hempstead, NY
  • High School: Uniondale High School
  • Favorite Class: Principles of Drug Action
  • Why PittPharmacy: PittPharmacy provides endless opportunities in personalize your education and characterize your journey as a future pharmacist. These aspects are of many unique and exciting qualities that attracted me to the program . It's amazing how much is offered. Hail to Pitt!
  • Email Address: jam486@pitt.edu

Photo of Victoria Miklus
  • Victoria Miklus
  • Year: P3
  • Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
  • High School: Cherry Hill High School, West
  • Favorite Class: Pharmacist Patient Care
  • Why PittPharmacy: I chose PittPharmacy because of the various opportunities to utilize direct patient care skills, even within the first year of school. I also was impressed by the ability to personalize my education toward my interests.
  • Email Address: vvm5@pitt.edu

Photo of Hailey Mook
  • Hailey Mook
  • Year: P4
  • Hometown: Erie, PA
  • High School: McDowell High School
  • Favorite Class: Pharmacist Patient Care
  • Why PittPharmacy: PittPharmacy is a top rated program and the alumni are successful individuals in the world of pharmacy. There is so much tradition found in the university and in the School of Pharmacy that is felt right to continue my education her at Pitt. You are given so many opportunities to personalize your education , whether it's through research or through unique experiences, you are fully able to become the kind of pharmacist you want.
  • Email Address: hnm14@pitt.edu

Photo of Ami Patel
  • Ami Patel
  • Year: P4
  • Hometown: Harrisburg, PA
  • High School: Cumberland Valley High School
  • Favorite Class: Cardiology
  • Why PittPharmacy: I was initially attracted to PittPharmacy because of its top-ten ranking, but I quickly learned more about why our school is so amazing. With our collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), ability to personalize your education, faculty to strive to help students reach their goals, and innovative practices to teach student pharmacists (such as standardized patients), I knew that coming here would help shape my dream career as a pharmacist!
  • Email Address: aap79@pitt.edu

Photo of Niti Patel
  • Niti Patel
  • Year: P4
  • Hometown: Bensalem, PA
  • High School: Bensalem High School
  • Favorite Class: Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Why PittPharmacy: I value PittPharmacy for the emphasis it places on helping students find their passions within pharmacy. PittPharmacy provides numerous resources to help students work on valuable skill sets and acquire resources to become involved from the beginning. Fellow peers and staff are always willing to help students achieve their goals and succeed toward the path of personalizing their education. There are many opportunities to participate in finding your interests, as long as you stay involved, ask questions, and remain open to options!
  • Email Address: nmp58@pitt.edu

Photo of Leia Stephenson
  • Leia Stephenson
  • Year: P4
  • Hometown: Warren, NJ
  • High School: Watchung Hills Regional High School
  • Favorite Class: Principles of Drug Action
  • Why PittPharmacy: I choose PittPharmacy because there are many opportunities to personalize your education within the curriculum as well as through extracurricular activities. After only one year in pharmacy school, I have been able to take two elective classes, perform research and have many direct patient interactions. The freedom and opportunity you have to explore your interests make PittPharmacy one of best pharmacy schools around.
  • Email Address: ljs93@pitt.edu

Photo of Britney Stottlemyer
  • Britney Stottlemyer
  • Year: P4
  • Hometown: York, PA
  • High School: West York Area High School
  • Favorite Class: Reinventing the Incumbent: Designing an Intrapeneurship Strategy
  • Why PittPharmacy : I chose PittPharmacy because of the endless opportunities it has to offer. Whatever your interests my be, PittPharmacy has the resources and connections that enable you to explore any avenue and create a truly unique experience tailored to you! An amazing program paired with an amazing city - what more could you ask for?
  • Email Address: bas172@pitt.edu

Photo of Kimberly Tkach
  • Kimberly Pelgrim
  • Year: P3
  • Hometown: Oceanside, NY
  • High School: Oceanside High School
  • Favorite Class: Principles of Drug Action
  • Why PittPharmacy: I chose PittPharmacy because of the opportunity to tailor my education towards my interests and passions. There are so many routes that a person can take with a PharmD degree and PittPharmacy has already exposed me to so much more than I could have imagined. From my journey in pharmacy school so far, I have created a goal to study an area of concentration in pediatrics which will allow me to stand out when I apply to residency programs.
  • Email Address: kjt30@pitt.edu

Photo of Melanie Umbaugh
  • Melanie Umbaugh
  • Year: P4
  • Hometown: DuBois, PA
  • High School: DuBois Area High School
  • Favorite Class: Cardiology
  • Why PittPharmacy: I fell in love with Pitt's campus after touring as a high school junior. PittPharmacy is the top pharmacy school in the state, and I am blessed to be taught by experts in the field of pharmacy. I am convinced that our incredible faculty and our rigorous curriculum has contributed to my success as a pharmacy student and an intern at the Geisinger Medical Center.
  • Email Address: msu1@pitt.edu

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