American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)

ASCP LogoThe American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) aims to prepare students for careers providing comprehensive pharmaceutical care to older adults. Consultant pharmacists are senior care pharmacists who have a specialized knowledge in geriatrics and geriatric pharmacotherapy. Through guest lectures, service activities, and shadowing experiences, students gain a thorough understanding of the unique medication challenges posed by caring for geriatric patients.  While simultaneously giving back to the senior citizens of the Pittsburgh community, students also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of geriatric pharmacotherapy and the complex relationships that exist between patient age and medication response.

We participate in events such as:

  • The Walk to End Alzheimer’s
  • The annual ASCP national conference
  • SilverScripts Prep
  • Creating and donating fidget blankets to those with dementia
  • Visiting with older adults and playing games at nursing homes
  • Guest speakers regarding residency prep, long-term care, psych pharmacy, aging, and more!

Executive Board


Sophia Stewart

Vice President

Sadie Franklin

Business Manager

Caitlin Esteves


Lana Callaghan 


Christine Scelsi

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