Association of Student Oncology Pharmacists (ASOP)


The Association of Student Oncology Pharmacists, or ASOP, was created with the knowledge that oncology pharmacy is a growing subset within the field of pharmacy with so many opportunities for student pharmacists. We promote the field of oncology pharmacy by hosting speaker events with pharmacists of all areas, from industry to leadership to acute care.  We organize tabling events around campus to spread awareness of cancer and plan engaging social media series to teach students about cancerous disease states. Knowing that the cancer population is often underserved, we provide philanthropic opportunities in collaboration with oncology centers to assist oncology staff with the needs of cancer patients. We also host oncology ethics and history discussions every semester where students will have a chance to learn about the history of oncology and how the treatments got to where they are today.  This also provides members a greater understanding of the patient perspective.  Overall, we aim to educate students about cancer not only as a disease state, but as an entity that affects millions of lives. 

Executive Board


Anneliese Harp


Saranya Muthumula

Vice President

Emily Huffman

Vice President-Elect

Alayne Gaghan

NCODA Committee Member

Michael Ryczaj

Business Manager

Evan Cooney


Olivia Lansberry