Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA)

About PPA

The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association is a professional membership society of registered pharmacists, student pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and others who reside, work, attend college, or are interested in pharmacy in Pennsylvania. Our members comprise all pharmacy practice settings including academia, clinical, hospital, government, community pharmacy owner or employee, long-term care, mail order, managed care, and the pharmaceutical industry.

We are united for the purpose of assuring a high quality of professional practice, through the establishment and maintenance of high standards of professional ethics and education, promoting pharmacists’ involvement in patient care, and protecting the professional integrity and economic security of our members.

Student Advocacy

Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association is focused on advocating for the profession of pharmacy and uniting Pennsylvania's pharmacists on policy through various legislative activities such as letter writing to state representatives, the Back the PAC fundraiser, the annual state Capitol visit in the spring, and more! PPA is also a great opportunity to network with other Pennsylvanian pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists who are also passionate about advancing the role of the pharmacist.

Executive Board


Anneliese Harp


Julia Lazzaris

Operations ambassador

Olivia Leonardis

Director of legislative affairs

Ian foo

Mayka Chaves (Government Relations Ambassador)

Rebecca Mihalko (Patient care ambassador)

Alyson Coddington (Patient care elect)

Kolbe Bien (Membership ambassador)

Autumn McConnell (Media ambassador)

Alayne Gaghan (Communications ambassador)

Lucas Gregoire (Financial ambassador)

Sydney Podrebarac (Dean’s theme)

                  Lexi Tamburri (Deans theme-elect)

Brie Crowder (Industry ambassador)

                  Michael Ryczaj (Medical Sciences Chair)

                  Colin Schurek (Technology Innovations Chair)

Michelle Gonsalves (Clinical ambassador)

                   Matt chin (Health disparities)

Thomas Barish (Community ambassador)

                   Emily Miller (Mental health chair)

Shree Kambhampati (Public health ambassador)

Rahil Dixit (External relations ambassador)